Thursday, May 29, 2008

Five Years of Change...& We Keep Drinking Liberally

Five years ago, the Bush operation was marketing
"Mission Accomplished" and a polished, packaged war.
Now, even his former press secretary has turned on him.

Five years ago, the GOP had Dems running scared.
Now GOP candidates run from their own party's brand,
Dems have won the house & prepare to win more.

Five years ago, 8 white men prepared to compete
for the Dem nomination, & Dean was the insurgent.
Now he's the head of the institution
and Barack & Hillary are the party's national figures.
A lot can change in 5 years...
but one thing remains constant: DRINKING LIBERALLY.

Happy 5th Anniversary to the Living Liberally network,
now in 250 chapters all across the nation.

Check out congratulatory messages from
Howard Dean:
& Bob Herbert:

Toast the past 5 years of Drinking Liberally
& dream of what the next 5 years may hold
for a more progressive America.

Tonight - Thurs, May 29th - 7:30pm onward
Rudy's - 9th btw 44th & 45th

Find - or start - a chapter near you.

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